Friday, January 28, 2011

Jewelry Plant Markers

Jewelry Plant Markers
Today’s project is one that I have been anxious to do for some time.  It reuses OJ lids, dry cleaning coat hangers and an old pair of earrings (remember the duster earrings of the 80’s) into jewelry plant markers.  This idea was taken directly from a website that I love.  This awsome woman has a site that shows many ways to reuse items in your home and garden, as well as earth friendly holiday decorating, etc.  Her link is at the bottom of the page, and her directions (and talents) far exceed what I provide here, so check out her site.
The materials for today’s project are:
OJ lids
Dry cleaning hangers (the one’s with cardboard in the middle)
Old earrings or other dangly beads
Wire (floral or other light weight wire)  and wire cutters
Drill or hammer and nail
Permanent marker

Start this project by removing the cardboard tube from the hanger.  The small hook on either ends is where you will hang the OJ lid. 
Untwist the top of the hanger and use the wire cutters to separate the hanger in to 2 equal pieces.  Straighten out these larger hooks.  This is what will go underneath the soil, so don’t work too much about how this part looks.  Push the smaller hooks back a bit towards the stem of the hanger.   The hanger can be left as is or painted to match the décor in your garden or the color of your beads.

Using a drill (or a hammer and nail) make 2 holes in each OJ lid.  Make a hole in the top large enough for hanging you marker, and a smaller hole at the bottom along the edge of the lid for hanging the beads. 

Take your earrings apart by cutting or seperating the wires that hold the links together.  Using small pieces of floral wire connect the clusters of beads to the lid.  Twist the wire in back and snip off any excess pieces.  Press the cut ends of the wire flat against the back of the lid to protect your fingers from the sharp ends. 

Use permanent marking pens to write the names of your plants on your markers and bury the ends in your soil. 
This was a quick and fun project that turned out well, despite my lack of crafting ability.  I hope you will give the plant marker project a try, as well as check out the site where I found the idea:
Happy Gardening!

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  1. Can't wait to make these for my summer vegetable beds. I don't have many old earrings but I do have old beaded necklaces that I think might work well. Thank you for the idea.