Sunday, January 16, 2011

At the starting gate

The big day has arrived and I'm ready to start my first project. This project is growing potatoes in a box.  In the past I have had mixed results with growing potatoes.  I can cut off a few eyes, throw the scraps in the compost bin, and find a few new potatoes when I'm sifting the compost.  I've also bought seed potatoes, planted them according to the directions, and barely had enough for one meal.  I really want to grow my own potatoes, and I have two different potato growing projects.
I found this project on the internet on  What a great site with all of kinds of  useful information.

I've located an old box that is ready to be recycled, some thin rope to tie around it to keep it together, and some potatoes.  Now, usually if I have potatoes in the pantry they are sprouting, but not this time.  That would be too easy.  But I did the best I could and found some that had small eyes.  They were bought at Trader Joe's and were called "gold" potatoes.  I cut them into pieces with a few eyes on each and left them to dry until tomorrow. 

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