Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeding our Feathered Friends

Christmas is officially over at our house and the tree that lit up our living room has been moved to a back corner of our yard.  It will temporarily serve as a feeding site for the birds, then as a trellis for beans, as mulch for blueberries, and lastly, firewood.  Today I am making bird feeders out of citrus rinds and pinecones to hang in the tree until it's next "reuse".
Supplies for this project are:
Bird Seed (check out the dollar stores for cheap buys on seed)
Peanut Butter
Suet (I used bacon grease)
wire (approximately 12 inches long)
citrus rinds
ribbon or twine (approximately 10 inches long)
large nail
cookie sheet
large bowl
Wrap one end of the wire around the top of the pinecone and shape the remaining end into a hook.  Combine the peanut butter and bacon grease (or suet) and use a spatula to spread the mixture in between the spaces of the pinecone.  Working over a cookie sheet will minimize the mess.  Pour your bird seed into the bowl and roll your pinecones in the mixure. 

Use the nail to pierce 3 holes in each of the citrus rinds.  Thread a piece of ribbon or twine through each hole and tie in place.  Take the 3 lengths of ribbon and tie a knot at the top for hanging.  Cut off any excess ribbon.  Fill the rinds with bird seed.

Hang your bird feeders in the tree. Throw any excess pieces of ribbon in the tree for added pizazz as well as material for nesting.  I placed my tree on an old shower curtain to keep the falling seed from germinating.

This is a quick and easy crafting project that would be fun to do with your children or grandchildren.
The bird feeders were inspired by the book "Crafts for all Seasons" by Lorraine Bodger and Delia Ephron.

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