Saturday, January 15, 2011

Frugal Garden Projects and Tips

Are you someone who loves to garden but hates to spend money?  I enjoy garden shops and nursery’s as much as the next person, maybe more. Who isn't tempted by the garden art, tools, supplies and fancy container’s.  But specialty stores can be expensive, and I have a hard time parting with money when it isn't necessary.  I found that many of the things you find in the stores can be made at home with stuff you already have.
This site is a spot where I can share many of the garden ideas I have learned over the years.  Follow me as I document 365 blogs of tips and projects that cost under $5.00, with many projects made for free by reusing items that I have around the house.
All the ideas are geared towards organic and sustainable gardening, and I always attempt to reuse, recycle and renew, which is my general goal in life.
While some of the ideas are my own, many were learned from magazines, television, books and websites.  I will always try and give credit where credit is do, so my projects will include info or links to the original sites whenever possible.
 I am looking forward to this year. It is a chance to do what I love most (Gardening) while spreading the word on how to save gardening dollars by reusing stuff you were ready to throw out. 

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