Monday, May 16, 2011

Saved Shower Curtain

Don't throw away your old shower curtains or other large pieces of plastic when there are so many ways to reuse them in your garden.  Placed under trees and bushes during prunning it will catch the clippings and make clean up easier.  When your finished with your work drag the curtain to your shredder, compost bin or green trash container for quick and easy disposal.

I placed one under the bird feeder Christmas tree (01/18/11 blog) it kept the falling birdseed from germinating.

After pruning the Christmas tree to make a green bean trellis (05/15/11 blog) I folded up the shower curtain and hauled the whole load of branches to the shredder in one quick trip.

I ended up with 2 buckets of pine mulch for my new blueberry transplants!

When an unexpected spring rain caught me off guard, I threw the curtain over the weed eater and bagged garden supplies, saving the hassle of moving everything quickly.

Reusing your trash is not only good for the planet, it can make your job a bit easier. 
Be Well and Happy Gardening!

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