Thursday, May 26, 2011

Plastic Potato Tower

This morning I planned on making stepping stones for the garden.  That plan took a turn during my morning walk when I noticed some rolls of plastic fencing on the curb in front of my neighbor's house. It's simular to chicken wire, but it's made of plastic.  No gloves needed!

My neighbor explained it was used at a trade show and he hoped someone would reuse it.  What to do and where to do it were running through my mind as I picked it up and carried it to my yard.  I could figure out what to do with it later. 
After much thought, I decided it would make a good "potato tower" for growing some sprouting potatoes, with future plans to turn it in to a compost bin after the potatoes are harvested.
Using a trash can as a guide for size, I wrapped the plastic around the can and used garden clippers to cut the plastic.

I matched up the cut ends and used twist ties to hold the ends together.  Total time spent was less than 10 minutes.

Finding unused space in the yard was tough, but the area next to the grape trellis looked like the best spot.

It kind of fits in over there.

I raked up a couple of buckets of leaves for the bottom of the tower

Thats when I noticed that the potatoes I planned on using are not only past their prime, but worse they were slightly mushy.

Not having any other choice, I'm using the potatoes I have.  I covered the vines with about 3 inches of partially composted materials and moistened the area with a little water.  All done, quick and easy.  If I don't see vines soon, the cage will become a compost bin a bit sooner rather than later.
I'm anxious to see if this works.  I've seen potato towers in garden stores, and homemade projects made from chicken wire online.  Here's hoping my curbside find pays off.  Now, what to do with the rest of the roll?
Be well and happy gardening! 

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