Saturday, May 28, 2011

Plant Peppers with Matches

This tip comes from Jerry Baker, who has an amzing number of books on how to use household items in the garden.
He claims that burying a match book under a pepper plant will make the soil more acidic-via the sulphur in matches-which in turn makes for a happier plant. 
I'm not sure that my soil isn't acidic already, considering the amount of peat in the potting soil of my raised beds, but I'm curious and want to give this a try.
I have 2 bell peppers growing in a corner of my raised bed.  They came from the same 6 pack, and were planted at the same time (about 10 days ago). 

I removed the cover of the match book and buried the matches to the side of one of the plants.

While I'm not convinced that a book of matches can make a difference it was a cheap and easy experiment and I'm always interested in trying new ideas. 
I'll follow up with  results during the season.
Be well and happy gardening.

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