Saturday, April 9, 2011

Terra Cotta Plant Markers

Don't throw away your broken terra cotta pots.  The larger pots can still be used as containers and the larger pieces can be used in your raised beds. I will be blogging more about those tips in some future posts.
Small pieces can be used as plant markers.  The only other items needed are wire coat hangers,  permanent marker, gloves, and some strong wire cutters, if you have them.
Start by unwinding the top of the hanger.  Fold the hanger in half and cut the hanger to make 2 equal size pieces.  If you don't have any cutters, just bend the wire back and forth until it breaks.

Straighten out each of the pieces as much as possible.  One end is going to be underneath the soil, so things don't have to be perfect. 
I've tried 2 different methods of making the  markers and each was equally easy.  The first method is to twist the wire in a squiggle and insert a piece of terra cotta into the free formed holder, the second way is to grasp the terra cotta piece and wrap the wire around it.  Write the plants name on the terra cotta piece and place the marker in you garden. 

Each marker is unique and adds a rustic accent to the garden.
My garden bed is planted, the rows are marked with the new markers, the bed was fertilized using the empty planters I buried in the soil, and we are well on our way to a summer harvest.
Be well and happy gardening!   

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