Monday, April 18, 2011

Great Garden Table

The front of my house was looking pretty scraggly.  I didn't realize how bad it looked at first, sometimes these little things seem to get past you.  But it was definetly in need of some attention, and I was ready to spruce things up a bit.

If you know me, you know I'm not going to spend money.  Why would I do that when theres nothing that a few hours of work and a few household freebies can't fix. 
I started by taking out the stepping stones and all of the plants except the citrus trees (which were too heavy to lift) and those in front of the trellises (which I wasn't planning on moving).  After I pulled the weeds that were starting to take over, I had a semi-blank slate.

To add some height and interest to the planting area I built a makeshift table under the window.  I brought over 2 cement blocks and placed a marble disk on top.  The marble was left over from a bathroom remodeling project and the cement blocks were salvaged from a relatives yard.

You can also add more visual interest to your garden by placing plants and pots of flowers on stacked bricks or cut logs.

What a difference a few changes can make. 

I couldn't pull out the greenery at the front of the beds.  Those belong to some bulbs that have finished blooming and the leaves need to be left on the bulbs to absorb the sunlight which in turn will feed the bulbs and produce next years flowers.
I guess it's time to relax on the front porch with a glass of wine and enjoy the view.  I'll be using the wine bottles for a couple of upcoming projects so I better get to work on gathering the supplies I need.
Be well and happy gardening!

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