Monday, April 9, 2012

Recycled Seed Starting Pots

I hate throwing out trash.  I almost feel like its a form of littering.  Here-I don't want/need this anymore.  Now its your problem. Put it in your back yard.  Even when I'm putting something in the blue (recycling) bin I feel a bit guilty. While it's much better than throwing it in a landfill, it still has to be recycled and that uses energy and fresh water while adding pollution to the environment.  A much better choice is to find a useful 2nd life for your trash.  One regular item in our recycling bin is the 1/2 gallon milk carton.  With very little work you get a great seed starting pot. 
Just a few items are all you need.
1 rinsed out milk carton.  Be sure to dump that milky water around your tomato plants for a bit of a calcium boost.
Scissors or a sharp knife
Ruler and marking pen
coffee filter or napkin

Using the ruler the measure 5 1/2 inches from the bottom of the carton.  Use the marker to make a line around the carton.

Using the scissor or a sharp knife cut around the width of the milk carton.

Turn the top upside down and insert it inside the bottom portion of the milk carton.  Push down on the top piece until its flush with the bottom piece.

Insert a napkin, paper towel or any other (recycled) paper product deep into the carton spout. 

My crazy reason for this is 3 fold.  I wanted to plug the hole so that soil wouldn't fall through while allowing excess water to drain out.  I also felt that paper might wick some of that excess water back into the resevoir to keep the soil and roots moist.  Lastly I feel this method gives the roots a little extra growing room as they travel down the carton.
Fill the pot with soil and plant your favorite herb or vegetable.
Don't forget to mark your containers with the plant name & date.  You think you'll remember but...

Have a happy Spring!

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