Thursday, April 12, 2012

Plastic Plant Markers

I always seem to be looking for plant markers.  I think this stems from the fact that I'm always planting something new in my yard.  If you've followed my blog you've seen me use old forks, stones and pieces of broken terra cotta pots as plant markers.  All of these ideas (and many others I've read about) work great in the garden, but don't work as well with my seed starting trays.  I wanted something small enough to work under grow lights yet tall enough to hold the plastic up off the soil. I also wanted it to be reused, abundant and quick to make.  After all, when you get in your planting mojo, who wants to stop to make plant and seed markers.
I use yogurt and cottage cheese containers, but any plastic container would work fine.  I also use scissors and a sharp knife.

Use the scissors to make the cuts in your container.  I like to make them about 3/4 inches wide.

I prefer to use the knife to carefully cut down to the bottom of the container but you could finish the job with scissors if thats all you have on hand.

With the scissors, cut along the bottom of the container. 

You can get quite a few markers with no cost and minimal effort and you will be keeping those pesky containers out of the landfill. 

Don't forget the bottom of the container.  It can be used under a small pot as a saucer or cut up in to make more markers.
Be well and Happy Gardening!

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