Monday, August 4, 2014

Crazy For Corks

In my never ending quest to not throw things out I've become a bit of a hoarder. An organized hoarder, as my son says, but a hoarder none the less.  I have baskets, boxes, bowls and cupboards filled with things that I'm not throwing out because I know I can make something out of them.
I believe almost everything can be repurposed, it just needs to be nicely stored until I can figure out what that repurpose is.
The problem is, at some point I have to do something with all this "stuff" or I'll end up running out of room. 

                          A container of wine corks just waiting to be repurposed

After searching the internet for ideas to reuse my corks in the garden I came across a cute and rustic plant marker on the Huffington Post.  The project is from Artsy Vava.    You need only 4 items and no crafting experience.

Wouldn't you know it, I had everything I needed on hand.
                                     Center the fork on the cork and press hard. 

                                 The natural holes in the cork make this job easy.

Wrap the twine around the top portion of the fork handle.  I found it was easiest to wrap the twine from the bottom up.  If you hold a small piece of the twine against the fork you can wrap the twine up, securing the end of the twine as you go.  Finish off at the top with a knot.
Tie a separate piece of twine over the knot and make a bow.
Write the name of your flower or herb on the cork with a permanent ink marker.

                                              My quick and cute plant marker

1 cork down, 1 full jar of corks to go.  I guess there's always cork mulching.  Check out my blog on Feb. 03, 2013, The Miracles of Mulching.
Be well and happy Gardening.


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