Friday, March 29, 2013

Chop, chop

Chopping yard debris for my compost bin can be a tough job.  The recommendation is to cut your organic material into 1 inch pieces. 
My push reel mower and a weed wacker takes care of the grass.
A leaf vac sucks up and mulches dead leaves and my McCullogh mulcher chops up small branches and other woody materials but nothing works very well with green (wet) or fiberous plants. 
Whats a composter to do?
Well, many thanks to Paul James (remember HGTV's garden guy) for this great tip. 
Place your plants in a heavy duty trash can and use your weed wacker to quickly chop everything into small pieces.  
In seconds a trashcan full of bolted radishes (or Arugula, or canna lilies, etc.) is cut down to a manageable size.
CAUTION: Plant pieces will be flying.  Be sure to wear eye protection...long sleeves aren't a bad idea, either.
Be well and Happy Gardening!

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