Monday, October 31, 2011

Last call for our christmas tree

2011 is winding down. I can't believe how quickly the year has flown by.  The Halloween decorations are out, the nights are growing cooler and I'm starting to think about lighting up the fireplace soon.  It must mean our 2010 Christmas tree is ready for it's last job.
After we enjoyed our tree in all it's holiday glory I moved it to a corner of yard, hanging homemade bird feeders from the branches.
Once the tree had spent a few months drying and posing as a perch for our feathered friends I used branches and fallen needles to mulch my blueberry plants.

During the summer the tree turned into a trellis, holding up to the weight of a bumper crop of green beans.  Picking the beans was a breeze.  They were hanging between the branches of the tree.

When the season finished I left the vines hanging on the tree until the pods dried up. I harvested these seeds for planting next summer.
Today my husband (and his chainsaw) made quick work of what remained of the tree.  The last branches were sawed off and the trunk was cut into pieces. 
The thinnest branches went through the mulcher and will be used around the hydrangea plants, thicker branches will be used in the garden or as kindling, and the logs will be burned in the fireplace some chilly evening.
It feels great to find second (and third, fourth and fifth) uses for our tree.  Now thats what I call recycling!
Be well and Happy Halloween!

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