Thursday, March 10, 2011

Second hand Seed Pots

I seem to be coming down with a case of Spring fever.  This happens to me around this time every year. The coldest days of winter are over, the ground is warming, and I can't wait to start planting seeds.  The weather is still too unpredictable for me to sow my summer seeds outside, so I get a jump on the season and start them indoors under flourscent lights.  Starting seeds in seedtrays is fine, and I use them quite frequently, but I don't always have enough of them on hand when I get the urge to sow.  Since I don't believe in going out and buying something new if I don't have to, I've learned how to reuse some common household items as seed starting pots.  Today I am using yogurt cups and foam carry out containers. 

I started off by making drainage holes in the containers.  I had a large nail and a candle and an idea that a hot nail would go through the plastic easier.  Well, I was wrong.  It wouldn't go through the plastic without a lot of work.  The hot nail did go through the foam pretty easily, but hey, it was foam, right?

After searching for the easiest way to make drainage holes in the yogurt cups, I stacked them up and drove a nail through the pile.  I found it you stuck to the area around the outer edges of the cup the nail went right in.

My search for trays that were tall enough for the containers ended with 2 drawers from an old refrigerator.  I'm so glad I save everything!  I filled the pots with potting soil, placed the pots in the trays and got down to sowing my seeds. 

After sowing the seeds I make sure all the pots are labeled.  I covered the tray with plastic wrap secured with twine to seal in moisture.  The 2 trays fit perfectly on one shelf of my growing stand. 

In the last few days I've started 3 trays of seeds, using items that would normally be recycled or thrown away and I'm just getting started.  Join me as I continue to use ordinary household items in unusual and different ways.
Happy Gardening

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